Do the fragrances smell 'coconuty'?
Suprisingly, not at all. Premium quality fractionated coconut oils are typically colorless and odorless.

Where are the products made?
All Oligie fragrances and formulations are designed in NYC and manufactured exclusively in the USA. 

Are Oligie products all-natural?
Every product we create is Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and Gluten-Free, and most importantly SAFE. While we strive to use only organic ingredients- such as Organic FCO and natural essential oils, we believe being sustainable and safe is a more responsible goal than being 'all-natural'. 

Is Oligie safe for kids, babies, pets?
Yes, Yes, Yes. Alcohol causes dryness of skin, whereas coconut oil is hypoallergetic. We do not recommend use if you are allergic to coconuts.

Why do Oligie fragrances last longer than Alcohol-based perfumes?
Oligie uses an ultra-premium Organic FCO (Fractionated Coconut Oil) as the base ingredient for our parfum oils. This great-for-your-skin base is naturally moisturizing and slowly is absorbed into your skin. Alcohol, due to its low flash point (only 55 degree), begins to quite literally 'burn off' the moment it comes in contact with your skin. 

How to apply Parfum Oil?
Apply Oligie Parfum Oil to pulse points such as neck, wrists, chest, or behind the knee. Dab wrists together (do not rub). For a longer lasting scent, use after showering while your pores are open.

What does Oligie mean?
Oligie is a unique spelling of the root suffix -ology, defined as “a branch of knowledge”. 

Will the Coconut Oil fragrance stain my clothes?
It is possible that the parfum oil may stain your clothes. To avoid this, always apply directly to the skin at your pulse points, and do not spray directly on fabric or clothing. If you do get oil on your clothing, baking soda or a strong cleaning detergent or spot remover should remove the coconut oil. 

What if I don’t love my fragrance?
We want you to be happy. So, if you don’t love your fragrance, send it back. We’ll happily exchange it for another fragrance or refund your money. Please contact us at to make an exchange.

Do you ship internationally?
We ship in the USA and Canada. We will be opening our shipping internationally soon.