It's time to make deeper connections

with the people, places and moments that mean the most.

Oligie connects people through meaningful products, sustainable methods, and intentional living.

You never know when a scent will transport you. A hint of citrus, a touch of sandalwood, a wave of plumeria… they transport us through space and time, reclaiming our memories and connecting us with the places and people who have shaped us.

  • Meaningful Products.

    Meaningful Products

    Our team of designers and product formulators are always challenging the norm, and pushing to create products that are both beautiful, functional, and create unique experiences.

  • Sustainable Methods.

    Sustainable Methods

    We believe in being good humans. We are committed to designing products that can easily be reused, recycled, or refilled. We always source organic ingredients from reliable sources, and work to minimize packaging & shipping materials whenever possible.

  • Intentional Living.

    Intentional Living

    We strive to create meaningful conversations from intentional products for those that desire to live with purpose. Through the power of scent, we can recall and share beautiful moments in our past and be inspired to create future memories with loved ones, or complete strangers, that will last a lifetime.

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